Go into the opera for 10 euros?

Vienna is one of the best cities in Europe to deep into music and to learn about the best opera musicians like Mozart, Webern, Beethoven, Brahms,  Schoenberg, Schubert and many more.

Traveling to the Austrian capital gave me the opportunity to understand a little bit more about the opera world and to start learning its own language (I still have several doubts).


Before this trip, I had never got in touch with this world so I was really excited to watch and opera and to see what it was all about: I just knew it was like a theatre with its own actors and actresses and, of course, supported by the orchestra. But that was all. I didn’t have the slightest idea of the code, the language and neither about its own language.

At that moment I thought they were kidding me, getting into the opera for that price and making a 2 hours line?

In this adventure, I met a group of girls who told me about a plan. They were thinking about getting on the endless line (on the lateral of the opera) and to try their luck. They thought they could get into the opera and watch a proper one for just 10 euros.


At that moment I thought they were kidding me, getting into the opera for that price and making a 2 hours line? They were crazy. But, I must admit, that at the end I was being part of that plan. I was also making that line and waiting, crossing fingers, for that plan to work.

And yes!! It worked!! Unbelievable!

But then started the hardest part: nobody told us where to go, where those entrances meant and what was supposed for us to do.

And…there it came: the “opera language”.

When we were looking for a spot, all the seats were tied with a scarf, I thought may it was reserved but as nobody was there I just stand still next to those scarfs. In 1 minute a girl from the staff was suggesting me to move as I was in the wrong area. And then it was the moment to speak up and told her it was my very first time and nobody was helping me out.

Then, what should I do to book a seat once I am in?

So, 1st TIP: once you get there if you don’t have a numbered seat, run as fast as possible to find the best place and tie a scarf on it. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to see anything at all.

Another curiosity about attending an opera is the interval: the moment to go to the toilet or to have a drink.

Are you able to get out of the opera before the end while the opera is going on?

If you don’t make a good decision and you need to go to the toilet while the opera is running, then you will not be able to go back to your seat. Therefore, you will have to wait outside until the next interval. Fortunately, there are screens in the corridors.

So, 2nd TIP: wait for an interval if you need to go to the toilet.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-02 at 09.23.28

Before ending this post, I would like to suggest to you if you have the chance to visit the enormous terrace of the opera and to take a look at the views.

Moreover, if you are planning to go for Christmas the city takes another complete look from the other seasons. It all looks more magical.

And what about you, how was your first experience in an opera? Have you ever watched one?



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