Living with religious habits and traditions in Marrakesh

Moving on from home and get used to living in another country may seem hard even more if this country is completely different from yours.

In Morocco, this shock can be overwhelming letting you out of your expectations while driving you lost in what you think it is correct or not.

That’s why, after some errors (of course) I came across with some curiosities might help you if you’re thinking about Morocco as your next destination.

First of all, don’t get surprised if you hear through the speakers of the Medina a voice speaking in Arabic, these are the callings for the Muslims. They invite and remember Muslim people to go to pray in the mosques. These callings can last about 5 minutes and are played 5 times per day (in July).

What to do if this happens while you are walking around the city? Just keep going on your steps and try not to make a lot of noise and talk in a proper tone. You will see people stop singing and they show respect (or must do it) the callings.

If we talk about religion we also talk about traditions and, as said before, respect. Here is when it comes the doubtful thought about: what to wear in Marrakesh?

Moroccan people, from touristic cities and villages, are used to tourist so you don’t need to be totally covered. You can perfectly go with shorts or tank top if and when you are not showing more than necessary.

This rule changes if you are willing to visit cultural or religious places, then you must cover your shoulders and knees, doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

When talking about Moroccan religion we cannot miss out Ramadan. Time for prey and spiritual reflection. This means they have to be aware of what being Muslim means and face it in all his consequences.

In those days, they just eat at night and at home. Us, as foreigners, we need to be conscious of it.

The pieces of advice that will work if you are traveling to Marrakesh during those days are:

  • Don’t eat in the street. If you do so, try not to be seen by locals as is rude for them.
  • Try to be nice, they are making an effort for being so to you.
  • Don’t talk about food or drinks with them just if necessary.

So these are the basic things will work when coming here. If you have any question or you want to leave a comment feel free 🙂

Safe travels XOXO


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