Tenerife, the island of extremes

Definitely, Tenerife is the kind of place where you have everything you are looking for: a mountain? there you go, beach? once again, there you go! gastronomy? enchanting places to be discovered for your stomach!

I always had in mind to go to this island but I always thought is not that complicated to get there and isn’t neither a place you need to be ready for so that’s why I thought I could always travel there without not being planned. Let me explain: this canary island is achievable for all kinds of people: from travellers who are ready for an adventure to tourists that just is willing to sunbathe while drinking a mojito.

So, the veritable reason for this little 5-nights trip was because of a present (and I really love presents that involve a plane into it). The thing is that those last weeks had been quite hard because of several reasons so we didn’t plan anything in advance.

My advice any time visiting an island is to rent a vehicle: it ables to visit any part of the land by your own and also have your own schedule.

In this post you will find a list below of the places we have been discovering and my honest opinions about them, as usual:

Let’s start with the top one, without any kind of doubt. Everybody talks very highly about this volcano and now I understand why. Is a place where actually everybody can get to thanks to the cable car.

  • El Teide

One important TIP! If you are willing to get to the top of the Teide, remember to ask for permission several months before!! We didn’t know about it because, as I was writing before, we didn’t plan this trip, therefore, we didn’t look enough for valuable information.

Once you get to the desired place, there are lots of trails pointed as numbers. Moreover, there is a tourist information point where you can get a very easy map to see the lengths of the paths and the difficulty of each of them. We did the number 19 as it is close to the main road.

It was soo nice that we stayed the whole day. At night, we booked this experience. Just amazing.

About clothes TIP! At night is really cold but during the day is hotter than I expected although the wind was quite strong. (We went at the beginning of April)

  • Parque rural de Anaga

The wildest part of the island. There are very few people and lots of places to be discovered, this is what comes to my mind when I think about this rural park.

Here you have two options: be brave enough to get to the deepest of the woods by foot or follow by car and just stop at the viewpoints you have an interest in. The day we went it was so foggy that we could hardly see the road. It was like a ghostly scene.

TIP! Don’t trust the weather app on your phone and always wear something to get you warm. Is a really damp and dismal place.

  • Acantilados de Los Gigantes

One of the best places to go, especially to see the sunrise and the sunset on the island. We thought 6 days was enough to visit Tenerife but we were so wrong…We really wanted to take a ship and go through Los Gigantes but we couldn’t so we went in the early morning to see the beauty of these places enjoying the moment without anyone. Los Gigantes just for us.

  • Playa de las Teresitas

The kind of rosed sand beach, far from the touristic south ambience, is the attractive calling of Las Teresitas. The perfect spot to play volleyball or enjoy the coast with locals.

  • Piscina Natural de Jóver

Have you ever been to a natural pool? This was my second time enjoying one. (The first one was next in Oporto, in Piscinas das Marés.) I don’t what really attracts me to these places but are just amazing. Moreover, that day nobody was there. We were so lucky.

  • La Orotava

Far from the typical places of Tenerife, all about beaches and mountains, this village gives you some breath inviting you to a cultural plan: colonial houses, interesting museums and a very cleaned and organized downtown.

TIP! To visit any of the interesting sites, remember most of them close at 6:30pm!

Well…this is just a little bit of the island and what we enjoyed the most but, of course, there are lots of plans and places that need to be discovered by intrepid travellers. If you know about any other spot not published here, please, feel free to comment below.

Safe travels! XOXO

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