Romantic and tiny Menorca

I love sea and sun. Any destination with this kind of nature is a completely YES from my part. This year has been quite hard: pandemic, exams, familiar changes, …so I thought I deserved a nice and calm trip to somewhere close to home (due to covid measures) but also inspiring. Somewhere to enjoy nature. This is the reason why we chose Menorca. I had never been before and, somehow, it was calling me. So after my trip to Portugal I took my backpack again and there we were: taking a plane again 🙂

This article wants to be a list of ideea of places you can enjoy in this island. The lighthouses, the bays, the enchanting villages, … I must say Menorca has lots of photogenics spots to capture landscapes but also memories and feelings. So, there we go!

Menorca is wellknown because of its beaches, bays and coast. I don’t want to write about the tipicial bays but about the ones I really enjoyed the most:

  • Cala Pregonda: my top recommendation is, if you are going on summer, get up early in order not to find the bay too crowded. Moreover, if you go there soon, you can park closer to the beach. In fact, there are two bays you can go walking from the park. I always recommend to scape from tourists and walk little bit more, it’s worth it.
  • Cala Viola: next to Cavalleria lighthouse could be, for me, one of the best places in the island to enjoy sanda and sun far from the touristic points. Although is really close to the lighthouse, it is still a “hidden” place from tourristic invasion.
  • Cala Pudenta: I don’t really know why it has this name cause actually is one of the most beautiful and placeful “calas” in the island. We went first for a excursion and we finish there, it was about 7pm and almost nobody was there.
  • Cala en Brut: one of the favourites spots in the island for young and LLEUGER people. It’s actually not a place to rest but to enjoy youth throwing yourself from the highest point of the bay or making fun of the people who makes a diving header. What it really surprised me is the amount of fishes we saw while snorkeling that part of the island, astonishing!

“Get up early in the morning in order to enjoy the island far from the crowd.”


But it’s not all about sea and coast, Menorca has also picturesque villages like these ones:

  • Fornells: white houses, fairytale harbor, tasty restaurants, …this is some of the fantastic plus this village offers.
  • Binibeca: first recomended place for everyone who went to Menorca before. Everytime I was talking about my travel plans on the island appeared Binibeca in the conversation. Do you want to know why, go there and you will understand it;)

Somewhere to eat?

This is my forever favourite part: I am not going to talk about an exotic or glamurous place but the one I really recommend. It’s called Ana Luisa Restaurant and has amazing seafood. I could ea there everyday of my life. And about the staff, so kind and helful 🙂 Here you have some of the delicious dishes we enjoyed.

The enchanting magic of the lighthouses

I bealieve the best moment to see nature and be absorbed in the environment is the sunrise. May you think we are crazy waking up at 5am but we really love this time of the day. These photos are just a little taste of this great moment in Favaritx lighthouse:

  • We also went to Cavalleria lighthouse, there’s a parking next to the place but you can also enjoy the path walking from the beggining of the main road.

About hiking…

  • Camí de cavalls: although we haven’t done it yet (maybe next time in the island) is one of the most popular trail to do for some days. Here you have some more info.

  • Pont d’en Gil: it’s not really a trail itself because you don’t need to walk (there is a parking next to the spot) but if you are willing to go for a long walk there are some interesting spots arround.

As you see, you can never get bored in this island: there is so much to do!! Beach, mountain, gastronomy, everything you can ever dream of. For sure one of my best trips.

Safe travels XXX

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