Excursions and tours in Marrakesh

Morocco is a very rich country. It has all kind of landscapes and activities to enjoy the nature. That’s one of the reasons may be the best excuse to book a tour or rent a car.

But before booking the tour we need to be sure if it’s the want we are looking for: if it’s worth it and they are asking you for the right price.

In Morocco, for example, there are some tours that last about three days and two nights. Depending on the time you have in the country and the activities you have planned you’ll see which best fits in your necessities or wishes.

Let’s see the most popular ones…

  • Ozoud waterfalls.
    • I was completely astonished the very first time I saw these waterfalls. But I have to admit is very difficult to reach to the interesting point by oneself without the help of a local. So if you were thinking about renting a car to get there, be aware of the difficulty of finding the path.
    • If, on the contrary, you book a tour, the tour guide will guide you through across some gardens till arriving at the area. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes and the path is easily accessible.
  • Merzouga desert.
    • If you have time to trip Morocco without stress I recommend to visit Merzouga desert rather than Zagora. Although it takes one more day is really worth it. I went middle July and at night
  • Zagora desert.
    • Is closer to Marrakesh but it has not the same views than Merzouga. You can visit it just staying one night.
  • Ourika valley.
    • Having the pleasure to meet local people in a relaxing and natural atmosphere. If you want to breathe from the chaotic Marrakesh this area is a nice scape to, at least, feel the calm again.
  • Todra gorge.
    • An amazing place situated in the Atlas Mountains, a must visit for sure!

There are also great villages nearby to visit. It all depends on the activities you would like to do and the

  • Essaouira: by the coast well-known for surfers and people who love waves and sun.
  • Imlil: perfect for a trekking day. Although it’s quite though is also really worth it.
  • Ouarzazate: a picturesque town famous for being a film-maker location. Movies like Gladiator or series like Game of Thrones have been placed in there.

Although there are more possibilities to see and visit Morocco, these are the most touristic ones. But what to know when booking a tour?

  1. Be sure what are you paying for. Sometimes they say it’s all included and may meals are not. The same happens with the tour guide tips, they may ask you money when finishing their work.
  2. Following the first step, go directly to the travel agency instead of talking through the hotel. You will be saving the commission money and may you can negotiate the price.
  3. Most of the tours start in the very early morning so knowing about the pick up will help you not to be worried about the time and neither the place.
  4. The last one and the most obvious is to check some reviews about the agency and think it twice.


 Ouarzazate, Morocco.
Ouarzazate, Morocco (fake door for a film).
Ouarzazate, Morocco.
Todra Gorge, Morocco.

TIP!! If you want to visit Merzouga and also some villages nearby you don’t need to take more than one tour so you can make both visits in the same one, just talk to the agency and let them know you ‘ll be interested in taking some stops to see more about local people and their villages. For example, when I went to Merzouga we stop in Ouarzazate and when coming back in Todra Gorge.

TIP!! It’s much more simple to take the public bus from the airport to the city center than rather negotiate a price for a taxi trip. Moreover, the bus costs 30 dirhams (and if you save the ticket for 15 days, it’s valid for the return).


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