Worthy places to visit in Warsaw

Planning a trip to a big city full of places of interest in all fields can exhibit some touristic attractions that actually are expensive and senseless. In this little article I will explain, through my own perspective, what I enjoyed the most and I think is worthy to visit.

First of all, if you are a history passionate you must visit Warsaw. So the main attractions expose the period time during and after the II World War and the role Poland obtained in there.

So if you enjoy this topic you would love to visit The Warsaw Rising Museum. But you have to bear in mind several things before going: is a museum about war what means talking about misery and tragedy. It can be quite shocking if you tend to be sensitive. Moreover, if you really want to enjoy this experience you need, at least, 2 hours to spend inside for living and understanding all that it is exposed.

But if you feel more artistic and modern and you enjoy visiting popular galleries in the city, then you must go to Praga, a neighborhood full of street art and bohemian atmosphere.

Another option for the romantic travelers who love saving the world and fairy tales Łazienki park it is the perfect place for them. Is one of the most important parks of the capital and it holds lovely nature landscape and several palaces such as Biały Dom  (White House), Myślewicki Palace, Belweder Palace and the Palace who gives its name to the park: Łazienki  Palace. This last one was the second residence of the last Polish king. Nowadays, as almost all them, is a museum.



E. Wedel
Chocolate factory E. Wedel

Finally, I cannot forget the ones who prefer to be persuaded through their stomach better from just their eyes. These ones, who have foodie spirits, will love Pijalnia Czekolady E.Wedel (E. Wedel Chocolate Factory) the oldest chocolate brand in Poland.




Tasting dark chocolate in E. Wedel.
Tasting dark chocolate in E. Wedel.




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