What happens in Berlin…

Berlin has something really special. When the sun comes down starts the really Berliner environment.

The first day we stayed in Berlin, we met a boy who advises us to wear informal clothes at night when going out. Actually, we were planning to go somewhere around to have some drinks and have fun. At that moment, we didn’t know yet we were very lucky to have met him.  Thank god! My idea before tasting the real Berlin’s night was and a scene in enormous discotheques, poshy people, expensive drinks and my heels burning.

Nothing to do!

Fortunately, this city offers a total alternative plan considering the one we use to have in mind when going to a big cosmopolitan city.

First of all, the parties are not placed in a big and attractive local. At the contrary, these places are quite hidden and so one has to know where are actually located. But don’t expect an appealing entrance, some of them even don’t have a nice welcome. Just an old rusty fence sometimes is the only hint. So…be aware!

Another clue in a more well-known place is the long queues may you need to deal with.

But not just the place is the only weird characteristic of Berlin’s night. Also, the people is something to know about it:

When we were about to get in the party place, the doorman asked us few questions (we thought he was kidding us)

I don’t exactly remember how it came but it was something like this “U know what’s happening tonight?” “Who is the resident DJ?” “What is the party theme tonight?”

We were very surprised because I had never been asked for such things in a discotheque door. As I didn’t know what to answer (may I am too naive) I only said that I was sorry because I wasn’t aware of what was happening that night. He just laughed and let us passed.

The thing was that this is something very normal in Berlin. If the doorman asks you some questions about the local is like meaning the place has standing and is in fashion.

Now, once this experience has gone, I know what he was meaning with the interrogation.

another interesting thing about Berlin’s offers is that, although is the Technos capital, you can also enjoy all kind of music genres.

For example, when I was on the plane, I met a boy called Nicolás. He confessed he was traveling with his couple and some friends to party hard. So, as you see, Berlin is a great place if you’re a party animal!








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