Long flight…what to do?

What I love the most about traveling is the moment when you are deciding where to go next. Of course, the first thought is what to do there and what to see but…what about the distance?

This time I will not talk about any experience concretely but I want to point some useful tips to bear in mind if you are planning to go far far away!

Before the flight

What to know when you are planning a long trip?

  • Buying the tickets

I usually use these two webpages: Skyscanner or Kiwi. Basically, because are really easy to use and because they can offer what I really need: low prices and inform you if the prices have any variation.

Normally I classify two kinds of trips: the first one related to short trips around Europe, in this case, I use Skyscanner; the second one related to long flights to other continents. I use Kiwi then. Actually, there’s not a huge difference between these two bets, it is just a matter of habit.

  • Packing

The first question when packing is: “am I really going to use this? Is it necessary?” more or less are the same questions you draft in the shop (but this is another story…). Therefore, pack as minimum as possible and always being conscious (the luggage can get lost…who knows)

  • Organization

Have all your belongings controlled. This will give you more confidence and be more relaxed.

Use the external pocket of the luggage or bag to put the essentials during the flight. My favorite ones are earphones (music), pc, a guidebook about the place I’m traveling to and an interesting novel.

Of course, don’t forget the passport and the tickets.

  • Essentials

Apart from entertainment stuff, it is important to have receipts of everything you buy. Better if printed.

May you think is something insignificant but you will grateful for this tip: wear a big scarf (the air conditioning is a strong enemy).

During the flight

Our body needs movement and in a more than 8 hours flight, this can be pretty difficult. What to do then?

  • Stand up and walk!

Try not to be seated for a long time. Take a walk for any excuse. Your legs will be grateful!

  • Be sociable

Talk as much as possible and share experiences!! This will help you not to think about the time you are spending on the plane. Moreover, it helps your brain disconnecting from reality.

  • Drink water

Stay hydrated! Although you don’t feel thirsty drink liquids anyway.

  • Why don’t you rest?

As you will be most of the time sitting down, try to relax and enjoy the flight. A good tip is to wear earplugs and a plane pillow (although I never use it works though).

After the flight

The best moment has finally arrived!! Now you can start really enjoying your trip and finish planning all the amazing ideas you have in mind. Enjoy!

  • Watch and pay attention to local people! May this help you how to behave in that country and guess what kind of culture they have.
  • Be open-minded (as I always point out) and ready for anything!
  • Now is the moment to start enjoying! change the chip and start to feel awake!

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