Getting happy calories in krakow. where to go?

I’m no that kind of traveller who wherever it goes try to eat in the best restaurant or to have the perfect meal. Basically, because I used to think I ate because of necessity and not because of pleasure. But now, things have changed. Maybe because I’m getting older or more mature….hahaha just kidding. But being serious and honest this is the first time I enjoy so much the food and also the company, just to say.

So yes, I went to several restaurants, cafes and pubs and here I post I list of the ones I loved to most. Hope it will be useful!


Wesoła Cafe

I love this kind of Cafes, practical but with style. In the menu, there were a lot of different options but I went for sugar, as usual.

“…something sweet or something salty, vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian or gluten-free meals, to satisfy a small and a big appetite. You will enjoy your meal for sure.”

Wesoła Cafe webpage

Yellow Monkey

It was Monday, raining, and my last day in the city. Ahh… and I almost forget it! I got lost (not big news from me) but then I discovered this fantastic place near to the Wawel Royal Castle what makes it perfect to go before or after an excursion to the historical place.

Although the place is tiny, it’s very cosy and warm and the girl there is fantastic: she makes awesome coffees and delicious cakes and biscuits, couldn’t decide which flavour was the best.

In the end, I chose a cafe made of peanuts and an incredible cake made out of toffee, lemon and cheese. Yummy!! 


Restauracja Bianca

My last lunch in the city was in an Italian place, I was really looking for an Italian place without pizzas on the menu. May I’m quite a weirdo but I don’t understand why we have to sum up this Mediterranean gastronomy to pizzas. Anyway, we found this restaurant: Bianca.
A nice and elegant space decorated with white dishes all through the walls and some dedications from well-known people as artists and politicians.
What I enjoyed the most…the tartar!!! It was very well seasoned and the taste was…wow!!!

We offer the quintessence of Italian cuisine – simplicity and at the same time the pleasure of composing dishes, based on the best ingredients imported from various parts of Italy.

Restauracja Bianca webpage



The best evening in Krakow, definitely. We started drinking some wine, talking, laughing, and finishing with explosives flavours of polish and french cheeses. But I must say the best part was the two desserts we ordered (the only ones in the menu): one was made of cheese while the other was made of chocolate but I enjoy them both as they were my last meal.

Polish, Italian and French traditionally produced cured meat, cheese and other delicacies available for purchase in our restaurant

Enoteka Pergamin

As you see, I didn’t get thirsty neither hungry hahaha.

What are the best restaurants you have never been at? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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