Duomo and its city

This time, as I was having more than four days of peace and quiet I checked through “Skyscanner” what the options were and if I was happy with the several destinations I could opt to. Fortunately, I found a good and interesting place to go: Milan.

Although I had been two times in Italy I just had the chance to visit Rome (a lovely city, by the way).

So this time I thought knowing part of the Italian Nord, Lombardia, could be a good idea.

The very first plan was staying in Milan and maybe visit the city, small villages and picturesque roads. As we arrive in Milano at night, it was the proper moment to plan the next day: visiting the city center and its people.

We woke up at 6:40 am. We wanted to do and see, taste, eat, discover as many things as possible (that’s why I love getting up early). Breakfast was included so we ate in the same hostel (very nice food). And then we were ready for the action!

Here I write the list of places we visited and some curiosities about them:

When we were ready for discovering this huge city, the first monument we wanted to see was, of course, Il Duomo.



Duomo square.

Before the magnificent cathedral was built, Basilica de San Ambrose Basilica was the one placed there. Because of a fire at the beginning of XI the temple was demolished and, therefore, Duomo started his construction.

The aim of the construction of this enormous building was just for Visconti to show off their power.

Nowadays we can see its still under construction.

CURIOSITY: In the 2nd world war, as the people from Milano were very smart, they covered la Madonnina, the symbol of the city and also the highest point. The reason was for the enemies not to see where the center of the city was and so complicate their “job” throwing bombs.




Teatro alla Scala (from Google).


This is one of the most amazing theatres in Europe nowadays. But hasn’t always been like this…

CURIOSITY: Before this building was known as today, lots of things were going on decades ago.

It was built by the people from Milano (ambrose’s) which didn’t want to lose the unique place where they were able to gamble. With just one condition, an actuation had to be on roll.




San Ambrose’s Basilica




This square was, in the Medieval Epoque, one of the main attractions for local people. In there, people were able to see from the same point amazing buildings such as “Palazzo della Ragione”, “Casa dei Panigarola” or “Loggia degli Osii”.

Before arriving in Italy, although we have been getting some information about the area, this square was never been talked about as what it actually is. In other words, it is completely worth it to visit not just the square but also the streets that surround it.

The neighborhood is in the city center but does not mean is chaotic or stifling, on the contrary, it was relaxing and peaceful place.



This building has also and special story: before being a university, this place was used as a hospital. But not a standard hospital as it was the first one in Italy which was free.

This idea came from Sforza family in order to, once again, show off their power and social status.




  • It was a place where people used to do social networks.
  • It started being occupied by bars, pubs, hotels and strip clubs.





Castello Sforzesco walls.

This castle is placed in the oldest part of Milano. We were very lucky because, at the time we went, it was Saint Ambrose so the streets next to the castle were crowded with little shops of handmade clothes, jewelry and also typical Milanese food.

The building is enormous and you can get inside for free. you need to bear in mind this castle has lots of great museums and although if you want to visit them you need to pay, some of them are really good. moreover, if you like history for sure you will enjoy it.




Cimetero Monumentale.

In Milano I had the chance to talk to a woman who has been living in that city for more than 20 years. I asked her to suggest me a place she really likes and can be a surprise for us. She said Cimetero Monumentale and she wasn’t wrong.


  • A must see if you have time



If you have been in Milano and you want to complete this list, feel free to leave your comment 🙂




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