Climbing till the top in Murta’s mountain

I’m very lucky to have friends all over the world. So this time I was going to visit Cristina in Valencia, Spain. She is now living there and I thought it was a good chance not also for getting in touch with her but also for knowing better this Mediterranean area.

When we were planning the weekend, in our conversation turned out the idea to make a little excursion to Murta’s mountain. To be honest, I’m not that kind of person who goes to the mountain each weekend. Anyway, she relaxed me saying it was just a short path to the mountain. Finally, I accepted.

We went with Cristina’s friends. They were waiting for us in the car in order to go straight ahead to the challenge.

The very first impression was simply wooww!! It is actually a very nice area with lots of vegetation and the weather was our ally. We were ready for the action or this is what I thought when we were about to start. We put on our boots and rucksacks. (Poor little thing, I was very naïve…)

The first step, the hardest one! It was wildly hard to go through. Moreover, as I am short, it was even more difficult. In some moments I had to almost climb some parts of the mountain. The only good thing about this moment was that you have space and so you know where to exactly put your foot to keep going.

We finally found a place to low our heart rate. I was sweating, almost dying. I didn’t want to think about all the way it was still for being done.


Getting fresh air…(Murta’s mountain)


The next part, as it was in the top of one of the mountains, it wasn’t as hard as the first one. Likewise, you have more space to breath or, at least, it seems like you can see the sky for some minutes. Then, the nightmare comes again climbing the second time.

In that moment, the only material you are able to find on the floor is a very slippery and sharpened rock.

Oh my gosh!! It lasted me more than what it is supposed to be as I was very lost on where to put my foot. I had the feeling I was about to fell down all the time!! Horrible feeling!

You can imagine the scene: Cris’ friends arriving at the top of the mountain while Cris was recording a video and me…well I had enough work just looking where to go through.

Finally, we arrived at the top. We ate our sandwiches and drank some water while we admired the awesome views from there.


Staring at the breathtaking views from the hill.


When it was time to come back, I was wondering if it was easier or more complicated than the rise. To misfortune, it was worst. I got lost and I had to call out my peers as I didn’t know where they were. It was a mess, I was a mess! Actually, the slope is not a very well indicated space because if you don’t want to get lose and so follow the arrows, you have to finish all the route. To the contrary, if you are tired enough and you want to descent, the way is not as marked as the other one. So…be aware or, at least, go with someone who is good at orientation!

Finally, we arrived at the valley and was to time to say goodbye and “see you soon”.

Monastery of Santa Maria de la Murta


Monastery of Santa Maria de la Murta


If you want to have more information about the route we did, you can check it out at this link: by Wikiloc


Once again, have safe travels!


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