Questions you deal with when you’re solo traveler…

If you follow me through social networks you are aware of the importance for me to understand the decision to be a solo traveler.

I have been talking about the decision to pack and go somewhere unknown: “To deal with injustices and to shout out loud your thoughts.” But this time I am not going to talk about my opinion but about some conversations I have every time I am abroad.

It’s shocking that, still in 2020, we listen to some questions like these ones:

  • Don’t you feel scared?
    • Sometimes feeling fear is good, it acts as a defense, and I share this thought. But we cannot mix up fear with limits. This is the most common mistake and one of the reasons why, sadly, travelers don’t take the leap to discover the world by themselves.
  • Don’t you have friends?
    • It’s fun to link your friends with the idea to travel accompanied. And what happens if you enjoy being on your own to unknown lands? And if they don’t like to travel? and if they prefer spending money on other hobbies? and if they don’t have enough time for the adventure?
    • Not all our friends have the necessity to feel the eager to discover the world, and it’s okay.
    • It’s also okay to not be accompanied on your trips, you still are “normal people” (although I hate being tagged)
    • It’s okay, and in my opinion the best choice, to have the willingness to travel on your own.
  • You are too young to do this by yourself
    • And what is the minimum age to start traveling? Is there any rule that I don’t know about? Each person has its own maturity and we must respect it.
    • If you feel ready to take the backpack and go, then do it.
    • It’s not all related to the age but to the eager to do it because you are the one who wants to do it and not because you are feeling pushed to it.
  • Are you rich?
    • I wish (hahaha). I try to save up some money during winter (sometimes without success but I still try it) and traveling as much as possible in summer.
  • Why you travel alone?
    • The answer to this question is here

If you have any other question please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Safe Travels!! XOXO

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