What encourages me to be a solotraveler?

Maybe you are thinking it’s unsafe and crazy for a woman to travel alone around the world. In fact, when I talk to my closest friends they are always trying to get me scared using dramatic formulas. I know they love me and they want to best for me but they have also to understand that this is my passion and I’m not going to give it up.

Let’s be honest

It’s time to write about what really matters, feelings and fears of traveling by myself and what are my motivations to keep doing it.

I always have plans in mind about my next trip. It can last from 4 days to 2 months it all depends on the year season and also on the experiences that I am looking for and, of course, on my budget.

I’m not going to say it’s all easy as pie, sometimes you need to spend the night in dark and spooky places and to trust strangers cause you are in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have other options, it’s the only way. Sometimes knowing the culture and some words in their language can be really useful but you will be always a foreigner, it doesn’t matter where you are and your implication in the cause.

You need to have this clear if you decide to be a traveler as a way of living: you need to know and be sure that your plans only depend on you so you are the only one who decides them. You cannot blame that guy you met in the train who told you to get that ticket because it was the wrong one or the blame that man who told you it was super easy to get to that small town.

Of course, there are still good people that will help you out but having a sixth sense at times is better.

Are actually girls empowered?

Nowadays, it’s fashionable for a girl to say she’s empowered but do we really know what does that mean? I don’t believe in words, I believe in facts: ACTA NON VERBA. What you really must do as a woman or as a man who encourages women to travel is not to punish or get surprised if you see someone traveling in her own. On the contrary, be yourself and talk to her as you do with other fellows. It’s something quite obvious but I really need to talk about it: in this world, it’s still weird and surprising to see a girl: alone.

“You don’t need someone to realize you have the power to be happy and so feel as you are.”

But for some of us, this experience is what keeps us alive. Not because of the necessity to run away but the necessity to find life in wherever we go and whatever we do.

I love to go to new places, new tiny neighbourhoods with enchanting streets and feel blessed for having the opportunity to have all these emotions at once. You don’t need someone to realize you have the power to be happy and so feel as you are.

7 reasons to travel ALONE

Why traveling alone is good for your health and for your good general condition?

  • Gaining self-esteem: when you realize you can do whatever you want and you succeed in it your feelings and how you see yourself changes completely and you love yourself more than ever before.
  • Empowerment: once you accept that challenge and you achieve what you want you cannot stop doing more and more.
  • Autonomy: as a result of your achievements and your happiness with them you feel more comfortable with yourself and now you don’t feel afraid of making decisions on your own.
  • Self-control: as you don’t have anybody to encourage you or to stop you, you have to be conscious of every step you take.
  • Smarter: as your method is always trial and error because you discover new things all the time and, in the end, you become smarter because you learn to make good choices.
  • More friendly: as human beings we are sociable so this is an essential requirement for all of us. In our trips, we meet lots of people and we chat a lot to have fun, learn and exchange perspectives of our world.
  • Open-minded: you will find new strategies in each place of making things right. They are not wrong, so are you?





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