I am feeling adventurous…good idea?

When I was on the plane coming to Vietnam and thinking about all the things that I would do once there and flying to the most amazing destinations in the country, the guy who was sitting next to me just interrupted me. As I love meeting people and their stories, he told me he was from Hanoi but he had been studying an internship abroad. We have been spending more than half an hour talking and when we were in a deep conversation he, with an enthusiastic voice, suggest me going to Ha Long Bay. Was the first time I was hearing about it although before leaving home I had been checking every single Lonely Planet’s page.

So thinking about it and looking for this enigmatic place, I found out amazing pictures in Google. Wow! I said to myself. I really have to go! So when I got to the hostel and I was talking with some people in there I quickly suggest “Why we don’t go on a cruise to Ha Long Bay?” Two days later we were heading to that place.


Ha Long Bay landscape


On the first day, I woke up at 5 to get from Hanoi to Ha Long City. The bus takes 3-4 hours to arrive. Once there was the moment to take the cruise! So exciting! We had lunch and I took some pictures of the landscape. The guide gave us the life vest and we were ready for the adventure. In the lagoon where we arrived while kayaking we saw red monkeys and also we got part of their mischiefs. It was funny although I was quite scared…They can be really violent when they get upset.

Finally, when I got to the boat was time for having a shower and cooking class time! I must say I am not a good cooker so I was not feeling really confident trying to do some food in public. Luckily for me, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and…it was surprisingly good!

The following day I went to the popular caves in the bay called Dau Go cave. It is incredible what an awesome wonder can be inside a mountain. I was freaking out!



Dau Go caves




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