First contact in Hanoi, Vietnam

After losing my jacket in the bus, lines everywhere and 15 hours flying I arrived to Hanoi. The very first experience after getting out the taxi? A little mouse came out to the street to welcome me and just 2 seconds later a woman (hoping not in a good day) threw water from her balcony not in a delicate way, you know what I mean. The only warning? Some words impossible to understand at the top of her lungs. Welcome to Asia!! – I said to myself.

That was my first contact in the continent, amazing. Anyway, I was pretty sure that was just an anecdote and a lot of experiences were coming.

After meeting my peers and part of the hostel’ team was time to take a little nap and get ready to discover Vietnam.

This city, full of colours and life everywhere let you discover what can offer Vietnam. The surprising motorbikes chaos, the typical families cooking in the same pavement and cleaning their cutlery, the nature growing up all around, the kindness and hospitality from residents and the quantity of temples everywhere create a unique atmosphere who makes you feel totally opposite from your culture but also somehow familiar.

Something in my soul was changing and, therefore, I was totally sure this time in Vietnam is gonna change all my prejudices for dreams and hopes.




I’m always right in the way.


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