Nightlife in Warsaw

It’s my third time in Warsaw and, although I really like this city, the first day wasn’t as expected. The plane took more than an hour to take off. Anyway, it didn’t piss me off so I had luck with my peer: a man from Barcelona. The moments I wasn’t sleeping I was talking to him about our plans and I really like the conversation. He was very optimistic and open minded person. How I wish to meet more people like him!

Finally, when we arrived to the destination, Warsaw, my brother was waiting for us. It passed more than three months we didn’t see each other and I really miss him when we are so far away.

Before keep going through my day, I ask you in Instagram to choose which one of the topics would you like to read about: Nightlife in Warsaw or places to stay in here. Finally, and as expected, you chose nightlife.

So you are lucky today!! As the first day we also went for a midnight walk and, I don’t how, we ended in a really cool club called “Klubo”. Very close to the hostel and also with very nice atmosphere. The topic of the night was 90’s but the music it was played was from all kind of styles: Spice Girls, Hot Chilli Peppers, Maluma, Shakira, and so on.

This disco, concretely, has two spaces. We can called them the big and the small. Although the biggest it looks more like a disco I preferred, personally, the smaller cause the ambiance was not as oppressive as the big one.

Before getting in there, I had never listened about this club before. When we were walking in the city centre to see the lights and also the most lovely and romantic sightseeing of the capital, a girl stopped us talking about this place, RRPP though.

Tonight, as is the last day of the year, we are going out again. It is not an excuse but a reality…

I will keep you in touch and if you want to know where and what are the places I am going don’t stop visiting “Giuliaintravel” instagram.

Safe travels! XOXO

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