How to get a place to stay in Europe

May choosing a good place to spend the time you have planned can become a hard decision. What are exactly the priorities you are looking for the place…if even you don’t know it?

Every time I need to look for a place to stay, I usually check the hostels which have these features:

  • Well-placed: so you can walk to the main attractions just taking a walk without needing transport (depending on the city). Moreover, the same you spend in one of these kinds of hostels you could spend it adding a hostel in the outskirts plus transport anytime you need to go somewhere.
  • Breakfast included: although may is not the best meal in your life, you are saving money and also time.
  • Shared room: unless you love your intimacy and you prefer to have your own space, this option is a really good one for meeting people from other countries with the same situation than you. So if you are a solo traveller is a good opportunity to make friends and share thoughts about the site or whatever you want.
  • Bathrooms: this is the most difficult decision. The type of bathrooms changes totally the rate.  So, this is up to you. Anyway, take a deep look in the photos so you will not be disappointed by the time you will be there.

Don’t take other thinks seriously:  Lockers? you can always get a padlock 😉 Noisy? Earplugs and silence will come in the twinkling of an eye. Other meals included? Better go and explore the gastronomy in a recommendable site. But take a look at foreigners’ trap.

This is Lisbon Hostel, Portugal.
This is Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon.




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