Do you know that…in Berlin?

These last days, I had the chance to visit Berlin and his surroundings. I must say I wasn’t pretty sure to visit this city right now so I had some prejudices about the country and also about the locals.

Now that I know a little bit more about their daily life, I would like to share some curious information about Berlin:

  • Save water, my friend. In Berlin the water it’s quite expensive. Well, all drinks. The reason it’s quite simple: when you buy a bottle of coke, beer or whatever, what you are buying is not just the drink itself but the bottle. That means that once you finish drinking it you can decide to return it to the bar or pub (and so they give you some coins back) or to leave it next to a bin. So, the people that may need some cash can return the bottles for you. You are doing a favor to the environment and also to the disadvantaged people.
  • How many times you will take public transport in one day? This is the question you must ask before buying a ticket. For example, if you know in advance you will need to get on a bus, train or tram till 3 am. Therefore, will be much simpler to choose which kind of ticket buying. A four-trip ticket costs around 13 e but an all-day ticket costs around 7e.
  • Willing to discover Berlin’s night? Although it’s the capital of German and one of the most important cities in Europe, you don’t need to wear heels or a lot of makeup. On the contrary, as more comfy and informal, more places you’ll be able to discover. (if you want to know more about Berlin’s night…hold on 😉


Brandenburg gate at Pariser square.


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