Algarve, more than a beautiful coast

If you have been reading this blog lately, you will realise I love to check for some airline companies’ offers and I don’t get any second doubts when buying tickets. So this is what happened with this fantastic Portuguese coast, Algarve.

What is a real pity is that this place is mainly known for its party (most of the people I’ve been talking about before taking the plane only talked about this point) and what really matters takes a second background.

So I’ve decided, and I hope this makes a little contribution, to show you a little bit more about this Portuguese land and what really is worth.

We rent a car cause it’s the best option when visiting Algarve in order not to miss a thing. Going with the calm, taking your time to stop and breathe. This is the perfect way for me to really enjoy nature and so these picturesque towns.

So there we go!!


We stayed in Portimao, concretely in Hotel Alcaide. A perfect place to be relaxed and go to the Praia do Vau to take a nice walk. The staff was really nice and there wasn’t any problem finding a car park. We must say we went off-season, in May. The room was big and clean and breakfast was delicious. Yummy!

Map to point out the places we have been visiting.

Here I post some photos from Praia do Vau. Although it’s not the most well-known it’s one of my favourites so far:


For me a must see in Algarve is definitely Ponta de Piedade. To visit it I recommend you to take a car as it is quite far from the main center and do not forget a hat and some water because you can’t find any shadows in there. another point to bear in mind is going early in the morning in order not to find it too crowded and don’t sweat to much. There is also another option to take a little boat from the coast but I assume the prices are quite expensive (about 40-50 euros per hour). Don’t forget this region is quite touristic so don’t make the mistake to pay for services that are not really needed. Actually, walking by through the shore you already have amazing views. There are also stairs to get closer to the main attraction: the bridge made out of rocks.


Although it’s a nice town it was too crowded for me so if you avoid the horde better to look for another kind of place. What is really worth it in Albufeira is to take a boat from this coast. Normally, they offer tourists a 2hour-trip (approx) to see dolphins and one of the most famous caves in Europe: Benagil cave.

So I recommend you to choose between these two options: taking a boat as we did or renting a kayak. This last option is cheaper and much better because it allows you to leave the kayak for a sec inside the cave and stay for a while inside to really admire all the beauty in there.

But if you have no interest to visit this town is also a good idea to visit Benagil cave from Carvoeiro because it’s much closer.


The perfect walk if you suffer from vertigo or you are not really into long walks is here in this quaint and romantic village. It’s called “Algar Seco”. The best time to visit this enchanting boardwalk is by the sunset when the sun strokes the rocks, the golden hour it is said. If you prefer to get out of the path and go directly to the natural rocks formed by the sea may you need appropriate shoes although we saw some people with flip-flops. It’s always up to you.

About the village, Carvoeiro, it’s full of local shops: decoration, clothes and fashion, …and also tasty restaurants by the seaside.


This was the only village a little bit further from the coast. The main attraction is the Castelo de Silves. Actually, if you are very keen on this kind of tourism I highly recommend you to stop at this castle due to the maintenance and the story this place has between its walls. A part from this point is a calmed area.


This was the last point on the island for us. Placed on the west side of the Algarve region. When we arrived nobody was there and we really enjoy the solitude for a while although the wind blew hard enough to not listen to each other.

By the way, in Algarve is where my partner and I got engaged. The perfect place to celebrate love and toast for lots of much more trips and adventures!

If you know about any other place close to Algarve you think it’s interesting, feel free to comment 🙂

Safe travels!! XOXO

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