Split, the city and his surroundings

Split is, without any doubt, one of the most visited Croatian cities. I was wondering what this city has in order to attract so many tourists for the whole year.

I arrived to Split from the Croatian islands by ferry although you can also use bus in-between shore cities.

Bus or ferry?

These are the most used transports through the Croatian coast but let’s see the pros and cons:

  • Bus:
    • Cheaper
    • You are able to see small villages, towns during the trip.
    • The check-in and check-out are faster.
  • Ferry:
    • More comfortable.
    • Don’t have to worry about traffic so you will also be on time anywhere.
    • The bigger ones have coffee shop service.

What to see?

Split has a lot to be seen and visited as any other Croatian cities I’ve been those days. The only con this city may have is the overtouristic scene in his old town. This makes you feel you are more in a thematic part rather than in a world heritage place.

The main attraction is, basically, Diocletian’s palace and all that Split offers between walls such as the cathedral or the museum.

But what I would like to point out in this article is that Split is not only about its old town. Actually, there’s much more to do.

For example, take a walk through the Riva. It is a promenade next to the harbor full of restaurants and bars and also little tents which sell mostly souvenirs.  The best moment to go on for a stroll is in the afternoon (I was there in August) as the weather is not as hot and busy as day time.


Another option if you just want to get out of the crowd is Marjan hill. Could be one of the most unknown places to visit for tourists but at the same time one with the most astonishing views of the city. Moreover, it is surrounded by beaches not as busy as the sandy ones.

TIP: for enjoying the views sunset time is the perfect moment of the day.



Split is a great place to go party. By the middle august, there are two places to go enjoying the night. Depending on the music and atmosphere you like the most there are several pubs, bars, and clubs but the main areas to go, take a look and may stay for a while are two: Central Split Club, where all Pub Crawls finish so there is always a huge party going on and  Tropic Club, placed on the shore and surrounded by other clubs and pubs.

TIP: the party starts at about 2 a.m. approx so if you go before that time may you don’t find an atmosphere.


If you are willing to have relaxing moments by the sea there are few options could fit in your plans:

The closest one to the center is called Bacvice beach but it is usually crowded and not very clean.

If you don’t mind taking a ride or waling about 40 minutes then you have better options like Kasjuni Beach: is not as big as Bacvice but at least is a relaxed area and cleaner. There is also a bus who drives to that point.


Where to stay:

What I like the most about hostels is the familiar environment some of them create. This makes me feel at home and is easier for solos to meet people and make plans with them. In this case, I opted for “Old Town Hostel Split”. 


So now you know a little bit more about my stay in Split.

Soon I’ll post more articles about the available excursions from this city, which companies are the best, pros and cons.

Till then…safe travels XOXO

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