I did it again! Getting adventurous on the snow…

Hello everyone!!! Today I am so excited I finally did it!! I finally got out of the box to “learn” how to ski and don’t panic hahaha!!

It all started one day when I was talking to a friend about our next plan…we didn’t have any idea about anything: we started to look for cheap flights but actually were all quite expensive. Therefore, we thought it was better to choose a close destination in order to just need a car. No airports, no flights, no queues…(Well, this last thought was not true…)

I was just a beginner but this didn’t mean my expectations were a little too high.

Finally, we decided to go to Andorra because I had never been before and also because we could practice some skiing (or that was the idea). Honestly, I was quite nervous cause I didn’t know what this sport was like, I was just a beginner but this didn’t mean my expectations were a little too high.

We booked the pass in advance (is quite cheaper) and we were praying so hard to have a nice day with good weather. Actually, we had an amazing day: no clouds and an astonishing sun.

When we arrived it was early but we could already see some queue in the sky station. (For this weekend trip we needed a lot of patience and breathings, believe me) Then the show started…I put on the rental skis, the helmet, …and there I was about to rock the ski slopes.

Why anyone tells you that it is not as easy as it seems?? I was looking around me and almost everybody had style sliding their skis through the superficies. And then I was thinking: now it is my turn, it shouldn’t be so hard otherwise I would have already been on the floor.

Surprisingly, I pass the first test successfully so I thought I knew how to ski and I imagined myself in the dark slopes making some somersaults.

But not all was as good as expected…I raised all my spirits and I went to a blue slope…not a good idea…I fell down and I don’t have good memories of it. From that moment on, all started to look as real and not as I was experiencing on the green slopes, like a fairytale.

Time to go back to the first stage and continue practicing the movements.

As you see, it is not all as easy as it seems, and we can use this sentence in any field cause, in the end, it is all about trial and error.

What about you, have you ever skied? How was this experience? Do you have good memories?








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