Ibiza feelings

I was looking for a little bit of peace and quiet after some non-stop weeks: work, routine, people here and there… Moreover, it was the perfect excuse to spend time with “lachicadelmono“.

Planning the trip

We were planning a getaway but not trying to do a lot of “must-do” stuff. We just wanted to enjoy Ibiza Island away from the crowd and that was the main objective of our stay. Moreover, we read public transport was enough to go through the island and the shore.

The points were quite clear: visit the coast, the tiny charming villages around and do an excursion into nature. Not a big deal.

Walking, walking

The real trip

When we first arrived we realized there was almost nobody on the island. Being aware it was November is not as weird as it seems. We arrived on Friday afternoon and the public transport was not the best, honestly. Therefore, instead of relying on buses it was much better to rent a car. So that’s what we did.


It’s really worth it to visit the Balearic islands in the low season, not just because of the people but because of the prices. The perfect moment to go is before high season starts (may) or at the end of this one (end of September, October).

If you are planning on staying more than 3 days and up to 1 week renting a car will be your best plan. Actually, there are a lot of brands with really economical prices. But be sure if you rent a car it will be for more than two days otherwise you will be paying more than what the real price is.

Benirràs cove

Benirràs is the perfect spot at the end of the day.

If your idea, like ours, is to take it easy and enjoy the nature more than shops and party, Benirràs is the perfect spot at the end of the day.  Every day, there is a drumming ritual you cannot miss.

It is known for everyone that Ibiza is the synonym of party but don’t get lost into this thought: Ibiza is an island where you can find all kinds of outdoor activities. The one we had the pleasure to be part of is in Can Marçà cave.

It will be an error to visit Ibiza just for party and sun.

Although this island is small enough to visit easily, there are a lot of spots to be discovered. One of the best tips I can give right now is not to follow the touristic places. Actually, there is much more than sandy beaches and cute pubs. It will be an error to visit Ibiza just for parties and the sun.

What about you? Have you ever gone to the Balearic Islands? If so, how was your experience? Feel free to comment below.

Safe travels XOXO




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