Ghant, the great unknown

I was absolutely sure about going to Brugge when visiting Belgium. Gant was, in that moment, just a possible stop in the way but not a destination. How wrong I was!!

I must say Gant is the best place I’d visit, till this moment, in Belgium. Although is not as big as the capital, of course, you are able to find all kinds of restaurants, shops, and leisure. Moreover, it has got the charm of a small city with his particulars and specials places made for romantics and also nostalgic people.

So this is why in this post I will point some of the places I have been and I also can highly recommend. Here we go!

Place to stay

Although I was spending there just one night, I spent that one in a hostel called Hostel Uppelink.

What I liked the most in there was the location. It is in the city center very close to all the must-visit places. Moreover, the staff is very friendly and nice.

As I wrote in “How to get a place to stay in Europe” post, I always check if the hostel has breakfast included in order not to lose time and more money looking for a place to start the day. And so this hostel has also this plus, you can choose all food you want without and add in the price.

The rooms are very spacious and you are able to use your own locker in the same tariff. But don’t forget to take a padlock (they aren’t automatic).

Finally, the bathrooms had been remodeled and although they are not in the same room and may are in another floor are really worth it bearing in mind the building before becoming a hostel was an old house.

The four essentials

– St Michael’s Bridge: the perfect place for taking a selfie!

-Belfort tower: the one I enjoyed the most with breathtaking views from the top.

-St Nicholas’ Church: it’s a must visit in Gant.

-St Bavo’s Cathedral: let’s play a game, try to find the difference between St Nicholas church and St Bavo’s Cathedral.

Belfort tower
Belfort tower


Alternative places to visit

It is very easy nowadays to find out what the typical places to visit in a place are but what about the local secrets places?

Graffiti street:

This street is formally called “Werregarenstraat” but everyone knows about it as the graffiti street. Is the only part of the city where it is allowed to do graffitis.

If you prefer to party…

If you are young, wild and free Overpoort street is the place you will stay. You can find lots of students, cheap prices and also a good environment. Do you dare?

For the modern and conscious shoppers…

Think Twice is second-hand clothes shop. All the clothing has a unique vintage style. If you want to combine your look with nice jewelry  Curiosa and co. is also a good place to buy and also contribute to encouraging European designers.

There is also room for freaks…

If you love comics’ world you must visit Comics and games. In there you can play for free some of the latest games and have something to eat (all vegan).


In Gant is very popular doing boat tours. A good idea is wearing always a student card (if you are so) or an identification that may be useful to low the quote.

Belgium is quite cheaper if you are younger than 25-26. You can get a discount of more than 60%! Seize it!


Ghent by  night
Enjoying Ghent by night.



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