Solotraveling in Morocco

Every time I plan a trip I like to take a look at several blogs and so find answers to my first thoughts about the place.

This time, I was searching about solotraveling this country and its safety. Surprisingly, most of the articles were very positive and encouraging about taking this adventure. Therefore, I just forget about my doubts and I got my flight tickets.

Once there, I actually see what is Morocco about when you are a girl, young and, moreover, a foreigner.

Actually, the first week was quite tough as I had to deal with a new culture and different ways to manage issues.

The first experience was in the Medina where I got lost, it’s impossible not to do it your very first time. It’s true I was told not to trust anybody there as they maybe don’t help you, quite the opposite.

Nevermind, I didn’t take care. I thought people sometimes get paranoid when they don’t know the culture and the people of the place they visit.

I saw a family talking in the street, sitting next to the hall. They seemed nice, one of the members, a boy, offered me to help me and show me the way to get out of these labyrinthic streets. It’s true for a second I doubt but, doesn’t matter, I accepted. What happened next wasn’t a good experience. He took advantage of me making me feel very uncomfortable.

This means, not because it’s Morocco is more dangerous because in some places in Europe you can live, unluckily, the same situation.

But this article about this experience is just a warning of how wrong can we get when deciding on a place for traveling alone. We have to be honest and accept sometimes is not easy not only traveling alone but being a young girl.

The only point is to be aware of where we really are and we need the others to start to respect the woman that made the choice to travel by themselves as I did.

Maybe it’s not the kind of article one want to read but I really have the necessity to publish the reality, or, at least, my reality.


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