Haggling in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a magical city and although it can be quite crowded and stressful, it has also amazing places to go to and get fascinated.

When thinking about a Moroccan city may come to your mind these narrow streets with these characteristic smells and scents of species. So it is, concretely, in the markets called “souks”: most of them are placed in the Medina and distributed depending on what material they work with.

Souks are a perfect place to look for souvenirs or that craving you have been waiting for. You can find from Moorish slippers or delicately decorated lights to fake Vuitton handbags. Therefore, here comes the hard part, haggling.

There’s no doubt Moroccan people can guess who is local and who is a tourist, this is one of the aspects when starting bargaining. Another point is the age and the appearance. Normally, they double the original price of the product. But it depends on the merchant, of course.

(It’s important to emphasize if buying paintings or figures these take lots of work and efforts from the artist so you are not just paying the product but the process of itself.)

Another point has to do with the purpose, I mean, when you haggling an article is because you would like to buy it. If you ask about the price and you don’t agree it’s okay but if you agree but then you leave it’s a very impolite action.

If you want to add more information about it, please don’t hesitate and leave your comment below.

Safe travels 🙂

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