356 days since Corfu

Has been 365 days since my last trip to Greece, concretely in Corfu.

Lots of memories come to my mind. The one I like the most to remember is the wonderful time I had in the evenings with some mates talking and sharing future projects while the sun was coming down.

As Greece is not expensive, you can stay for a long period but better if you have something to think of in case you need some help or money. What I did was helping out in a hostel. The job wasn’t bad although there wasn’t schedule: just a mobile phone which was ringing every time and I put a curse on.

I was open to all kind of jobs: looking after children, sending emails, cleaning rooms, painting the garden, and administrating stuff as well. Most of you will know and also experienced….when you want to travel and have freedom in all senses, you also need to earn some money or, at least, exchange your work for something else like food or a bed to sleep.

Anyway, the island is amazing. Anywhere I took a look, everything was fantastic: food, weather, and even people.

The places where I stayed and I recommend the most are: Palaiokastritsa, Corfu town and also the south, the bitches are crystalline and surprisingly clean.

Paleokastritsa, Corfu.


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