The other Budapest

This time I wasn’t planning to travel again but something happened. My cousin called me and suggest me taking a plane and going to center Europe. As I’m somebody who doesn’t know to refuse an offer there we went.

The first stop was in Hungary, Budapest. As I said, this plan wasn’t expected so I didn’t get any info about the country neither of the city. Now that I spent some days in the capital I can give you some advice:

  1. The currency is not the Euro, are Hungarian Forints. What means that 1 EUR is more or less the same than 325 HUF.
  2. In a restaurant, is very important not to say “thank you” when paying the bill. So it means that you don’t want the change back.
  3. About the Hungarian’s nature…well… they are not the more empathetic people I met but once you have the chance to meet them you realize they are actually good people 🙂

What I like to most about visiting a place are the viewpoints. So I check which one of the viewpoints suggested is the best and if you have to pay for the entrance.

In Budapest, there’s a well-known viewpoint located in Saint Stephen Basilica. But it’s not free. That means sometimes it’s better to bear in mind other options. Fortunately, there’s another view much better placed: in the Citadel. Moreover, it’s free and you can get by walk or take a bus that goes directly. Personally, I prefer walking rather than taking public transport.

Anyway,  going to the Citadel for the breathtaking views is a perfect plan (the sunsets there are amazing) but it’s also a good idea to visit the Basilica (it’s free, they just ask for a donation).

What about the thermal baths in Budapest??

It’s one of the best experiences in the city!! I really recommend you to go. The one I visited was Szechenyi Bath. I went on the last day as I was exhausted from walking around the city.

It has several pools and each one has different temperatures and it has its function. Saunas are also found.

Heroes square

Another place that I loved during my stay in the city was the city park next to the Heroes Square. Depending on the season of the year you are able to see a flea market or to drink awesome beers! Even do sky skating! Moreover, the Szechenyi Bath is next to this place.





City park
City park
Vajdahunyad castle



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