Having a whale of a time

Before visiting the capital…

This time I was flying to Dublin, Ireland. The last time I had any contact with this land was when I was 17. At that time I was in A Level and the center suggest the idea to do an experience abroad for two weeks with an Irish Family; Ennis was the place chosen.

By that time, I hardly never visited any place that wasn’t my flat so I was really excited about having the opportunity to go to Ireland and meet their culture. Actually, I spent a lovely time there and, honestly, every time I remember that adventure I only have nice good memories.

This time, but, I thought it would be different because the aim was completely different. So there I was: again in a plane trying to figure out how these next days will suppose to be.

Actually, and I don’t know why, I was relating Dublin to an old, gray city but…nothing to do!

Changing my mind

Since the very first time I was getting off the bus I did really have a good feeling (I’m very spiritual, what to say). Although the weather wasn’t fantastic, the Christmas lights flash me back into these childhood years when you get fascinated by everything around.

The bus driver quickly guessed I was a  foreigner so he just said: “Welcome to Dublin”, with a shy smile. then I wondered if everybody there was as nice as this man (I was wishing for it).

Once I got into the hostel (it wasn’t the best time for doing my check-in) it was full of guests. It was 31st December so I was expecting this drama…anyway, the girls didn’t lose their temper and helped everybody there including me 🙂

The same happened when visiting tourist points or eating in lovely restaurants.  Luckily, I didn’t have any bad encounters, on the contrary, every single person I talked to was kind and thoughtful.

What really matters

May the first word that comes to your mind when saying Dublin is Guinness but I am not going to talk about it. I prefer to point out the literary side of this city. Apart from the music and so arts. It’s quite sad to link amazing cities like Amsterdam or Dublin just to alcohol and not to what really matters.

Ireland is a land full of knowledge and legends I would love to know about. I just heard about some of them but I would love to come back and visit those little villages full of enchanting sounds and fairy tales.

In Dublin, for example, they show their rich literary history by placing small plaques on the city center floor. In each one, an Irish writer’s quote is written.

Joyce quote from Ulysses

And talking about it, I had the chance to discover a small independent bookshop that really touched my heart. It’s called The winding stairs bookshop. The woman who runs the business defends the independent bookstores by selling tote bags with a clear message: “Independent bookstores depend on you”. And she is right, we mustn’t let department stores get rid of small shops and business. We all have to think about it.

One of the best places to visit…

The Trinity College Library is may the best place to visit in the capital. With more than 200.000 books is the oldest in the country. Moreover, it has models and copies from the most famous books written by Irish literary celebrities.

As you see, it is not all about superficial matters. This city can offer from one of the most rewarding readings to a taste from the best beer in the world. What else can you ask for?



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