Hvar: more than a party island

If there is any place in Croatia to party hard this is, undoubtedly, Hvar. This is what everybody who hears about the island will tell you. 

Actually, we cannot deny Hvar has answers to all kind of people who wants to have fun on the island. But has this all have to do with drinks and music by night?

Being honest, what attracted me to go to the place was the party but once I was there I realize it was a very good point to start a boat trip as it has a lot of tiny islands in front of  Hvar town (Palmizana is the most popular).

Planning the day

There are plenty of companies offering excursions through touristic places such as “blue cave”, “green cave”, “vis”, and this will be the plan A ...but here are some questions you could ask the company before booking the trip that could make a huge difference:

  • If their price offer includes everything (or if there are some extras).
    • If it is a day trip and lunch is not included you must think of getting some food in a supermarket. Restaurants in the area can be really crowded and pricy.
  • Discounts:
    • If they have special prices for groups.
    • If there is any students discount.
  • How many people go in the same boat, the same excursion.
  • If there will be any tour guide explaining a little bit about the place and if he or she will talk in your language.
  • If you have to book it in advance.

But if you are by yourself and you think these excursions don’t work on you then you can go directly to plan B what it is basically to rent a boat by yourself (that’s what I did).

Normally prices are between 500 and 600 kunas per day and the maxim. people to get on the boat are 5. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to find 4 people more you will just pay 100-120 kunas per day and you will be free to go to wherever island you want.

Moreover, the boat is really easy to sail and you can sail it with no need to have any driving license or to show your passport.


Another option, plan C, is to “stay safe” and don’t take any boat. Just relax on a beach or play some “picigin”. The best beach in a walking distance from Hvar town is “Pokonji dol beach”.

Planning the night

Before getting directly into the wild night may you plan on having dinner in a romantic place with your couple or to book a table in a cool place with your friends.

Hvar offers you two kind of atmospheres:

  • The restaurants and bars near the beach. That is the perfect place to meet people, be sociable, and create a good circle for partying later.
  • The restaurants behind the harbor. This area is the most romantic one so is quieter than the coast and the stablishments are small with 2 seats per table decorated with lights and nice paintings.


If after dinner you want to move your body you have several options:

  • Hula-hula bar: perfect for getting astonished looking at the sunset (closes at 11am)
  • Seven Hvar: is more like a pub rather than a disco and they play dance and commercial music (closes at 2am)
  • Carpe Diem: is the disco placed in one of the islands in front of Hvar so if you fancy to go there is a taxi boat that goes directly to the party. (the taxi boat is free once you get the ticket) (closes at 6 am)
  • Kiva bar: it occupies part of the street and during high season is really busy (closes at 2am)
  • Nautica bar: works like a pub and they serve all kind of alcohol too (closes at 2am)
  • Jazz barrr: is a little bit quieter than the rest of the places as it is not ubicated in front of the harbor (closes at 2 am)
  • Pink Champagne: one of the most well-known discos in Hvar (closes at 6am)

(As you see, this are just some of the places in Hvar but actually, there is plenty of restaurants, bars, and discos to have fun and enjoy your stay there)




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