Backpack or wheeled luggage for Asia??

Now that has been more than two months since I left Asia, several people have been asking me the same questions. One of these is about packing and the best way to do it with: Backpack or wheeled luggage??

This answer, for sure, depends on several things but the most important one is the kind of travel you will have, the accommodation you will stay and also your style and comfortability. So…let’s see pros and cons of each one!


When asking travelers about their luggage much of them answer without doubts backpack. Let’s see why and if it’s also the best choice…


The first plus of this option is having a hands-free travel so you can move everywhere doesn’t mind where with more security and also without being worried of “losing” a hand.

The second one is the facility to walk around streets, climbs, stairs and whatever so you don’t need to take care of the paths, you can walk through all kinds of earth possible. So as you can go wherever place you don’t need to regard the area. It is much easier to plan a route because you don’t need to avoid stairs or difficult access ways.

This will give you more confidence in yourself and also you will feel more comfortable with the environment and, therefore, with the place you are visiting.

You gain movement because the backpack it works like an extension of your body. Finally, is easier to store than a wheeled luggage because it fits almost everywhere even in a locker.


Before arriving at the desired place you maybe need to take a plane and sometimes airlines can be little capers bothering you for whatever reason.

Another con is the necessity of traveling light leaving things may in a wheeled luggage you will wear. If you are not ready for this backpack probably is not the best option.

The price difference between a backpack and a decent wheeled suitcase are enormous: while having a good backpack can cost you more than 100$ you can get a wheeled luggage for 70$.


Asia is a continent full of contrast and landscapes so if you are thinking about a long-term trip passing through different countries may I’ll take a deep attention on what kind of luggage is the most convenient one.


As you are not going to carry the luggage in your bag you don’t need to be so strict in the weight and you can afford more kilos than in a backpack. Moreover, if you are considering taking a taxi instead of public transport or walking is also better.

As backpack sometimes can be quite difficult to put an order in, wheeled luggage is easier to packing if you prefer to open the bag and see all that is inside in a first sight. More simple to get what you want without losing time while looking for it.

About companies’ airlines, wheeled suitcases have the perfect measures for the plane so they prefer this kind of luggage.


Stairs are the first any of wheeled luggage. Everywhere you go there you have stairs, it is like a nightmare. While wheeled bags are designed for don’t carry them, it’s really uncomfortable to carry them while passing stairs or difficult pavements.

It’s also very easy to have a mishap while thinking about wheels. If one wheel breaks you can’t it repaired it unless you buy a new suitcase.

Public transport and crowds are also not good friends, it can be really annoying to roll your luggage through these moments.

While with backpacks you don’t almost need to be separate from them, wheeled luggage is in most cases like public transport needed to store separately what means you cannot take a look at them.

Bear in mind what is a pro in a backpack is a con in a wheeled suitcase:

Is difficult to place it in hostels because more of the areas or lockers are not big enough for such measures.

While backpacking you can use your both hands and be more self-confident using a wheeled luggage is quite bothersome as you need always a hand to roll and move it.


As you can see, there are always pros and cons in everything so the choice is always up to the one who is going to buy the backpack or wheeled suitcase.

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