48 hours in Fuerteventura

I’ve got the feeling it’s been ages since my last post on the blog. But today is the day!!! I’m so happy to share this amazing experience with such an island. The first reason I chose this land was, basically, for the prices (this has been the cheapest flights I have bought so far). But then, once I got the tickets, I started exploring through several webpages and blogs about what to do, what to visit or where to eat.

Normally, I don’t really follow the tips but I like to know what the people think about the place I’m just going to land to for some days. So everybody was talking about magic places, cosy spots and calm and incredible weather. I was starting to get very excited…and I started planning.

I was in Fuerteventura for just two nights, unfortunately (I would love to stay at least 2 weeks). So this time knowing I was going to have such a short stay I wanted to squeeze the time in there and make and see as many things as possible. I know, here the #slowtravel speech cannot be applied.

The planning was, to shorten, mornings excursions and evenings enjoying the coast. And…as far as I could enjoy the island I would love to tell you my favourite places, so….there I go!


I’m that kind of traveller who enjoys every place she visits. Therefore, I don’t have a clear choice but… I must say I’m a sea person…

  • Tierra dorada

This beach placed in the south of the island is like a miracle in the middle of this volcanic landscape. The golden colour of this sand contrast on the dark and hostile mountains.

  • Pozo negro

I wasn’t expecting too much of this beach but when we arrived with the rain in our company I was absolutely astonished by the colours found on the shore.

  • Playa del Matorral

The most well-known beach in the south of the island and also the longest one. Full of exclusive hotels all around.

  • Illa de Lobos

Is an island placed in the northeast and it takes 15 minutes to get there by ferry. The tickets cost about 10-15 euros and the ferry schedules are published in some of the companies you can travel with and also in some free maps. Moreover, if you ask nearby the harbour you can get a clear answer. During high season there are ferries going to Isla de Lobos every hour and also going back to Fuerteventura.

  • Bayuyo volcano

It’s a fabulous spot if you are chasing the perfect sunrise. This volcano it’s also in the north of the island and you can get to the top easily. There is no official parking on the base but you can leave the car there as there is some space. But if you prefer not to use a vehicle, another option is going on feet if you have time to take a long walk.

There are more than two options to follow to reach the top. The two I read about are one that goes directly to the top but it’s quite hard as it has a huge slope if you are not used to walking in the mountains. The second option is more achievable but it takes more time.

Do you know any hidden place in this island? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Safe travels.

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