First experience in Volunteerism

If you have been taking a look at this blog and you also know me little bit, you will realize I am a person who loves helping out doing one of the things I like the most, teaching.

Volunteering is one of the best feelings I have ever had. That’s why I like traveling while I can make the most for knowing all lives are in a center, in an NGO or in my last case in an orphanage (although I don’t like this word so people can create a previous idea that actually has nothing t do with what really is about).


So if you are willing to be a volunteer I must aware you: is not easy. You are entering in children lives and also with their feelings, dreams, thoughts, and hopes. All of them have aims in their lives and you can be the perfect tool for them becoming the people they want to be.

That’s why volunteerism is not only about an experience but a change in children’s lives. And so you cannot realize it if you have never had the opportunity to get in this amazing world.

But before confirm any kind of volunteerism with an NGO or association first you need to bear in mind these several points for not have a surprise that could become a nightmare.

  • Get in touch with the NGO directly.
  • Better if you can communicate with people they have already stayed there and so they can explain the experience personally.
  • Don’t be scared of showing your skills because maybe you apply for being teaching but you can also be very helpful if you have other skills like cooking or gardening.
  • Be conscious with their cultures and try not to make mistakes. Most of the NGOs which are looking for help belong to countries with ideas completely different from ours.
  • It can be a very good idea to bring some material you know they can need not just games but clothes and food are essential for them.
  • Another idea they love and you will also like to is to share your culture with them: gastronomy, dances, clothing and whatever you think they will like to know.

If you have any other suggestion please feel free to share it 🙂

Place where I am volunteering: Bridges Cambodia International (BCI).


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