Transfers and other nightmares

Travelling is an awesome adventure but we are used to seeing only the pictures and videos of these ones who have the opportunity to see the world by themselves. Never talking about all the background for reaching to that amazing landscape of a dreamed island or that monument in the middle of a huge amazing city.

So one of these problems that we never see but most of the times are there, if you are travelling far away from home, are transfers: the stops you need to do in random airports for taking another flight which can reach you closer to your dream.

The problem comes when you have to do several stops before arriving at your destination. Therefore, you need to check if visa or any documentation is required.

So each person has a different context and so different situation, in this post, I am going to talk about my own experience.

I was travelling through South East Asia. For coming back home I had to do three stops: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Teheran (Iran) and Istanbul (Turkey). I must say I was quite worried about so are countries that I haven’t visited yet and I don’t know how they work. That’s why I had been reading lots of blogs and several web pages trying to find out what I really need not for staying in these countries but for letting me taking another flight from their airports.

While in some blogs I read is compulsory have a visa and you have to order it online, other web pages defended the idea to order the visa by the time you land and others, the most positives, about the non-worry of a visa so you are staying there for few hours till taking the next flight.

I didn’t know what to follow and my head was overthinking all the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about the worst.

The adventure came when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur and they just sign in my passport but no visa was required. But in Iran, things went quite different…they took my passport and closed me in a room. The only information they facilitated me was that I had to wait so they had to check my documentation. As I hadn’t any visa and any permit I was shaking and almost crying, I was terrified!!

An hour later, one of the men who was working at the airport gave me back the passport and also the ticket to be able to fly to Turkey (my next stop). I couldn’t believe it!! Was so happy in that moment that I almost kiss him!! Then I remember I was in Iran…

About the stop in Turkey, it was all peace and love. There is a special queue for foreign people who are making a stop in that airport so it wasn’t compulsory to have any visa and so any documentation.

What I want to say in these words is you always have to find out things by yourself so never will have enough information for facing new situations. That there is always somebody who may help you. Leave out all your prejudices and bad thoughts. So I have and I am not feeling proud of it. The best therapy? Travelling the world!




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