Croatia’s route

Croatia is a country full of charming places and hidden parks to discover. I had been planning this trip for a while but as I am a solo traveler this gives me the facility to improvise every step I take.

This time I wanted to visit this country deeply and to know for my own experience why everybody falls in love with this land.

So, in this article the route I took and also the excursions I did.


I started from the south to the north starting from Dubrovnik and ending in Zagreb, the capital.

  • Dubrovnik


My first stop was may the most touristic and beautiful city in Croatia. If you want to know a little bit more about this place click here.

My stay was just for two nights but if you just want to see the old town and the coast is enough.

Transport from Dubrovnik to Hvar: ferri (  Price: 210kn


  • Hvar

DCIM101GOPROWas time to go to one of the islands and enjoy the good weather on the sea. I was there for three nights but I had such an amazing time there I wouldn’t mind staying longer.

Here you have more information.

I spend one day in Bol too.

Transport from Hvar to Bol: ferri (  Price: 100kn

  • Bol


Although I just spend one day there it was enough to have a slight idea about this island.

Here you have what I discovered.

Then I came back to Hvar because I booked the hostel there.

Transport from Hvar to Split: ferri ( Price: 55kn

  • Split


As is one of the cities with the best connection to do excursions, my plan there was not only seeing the city but to take the bus and walk around.

Here you have the article about the city.

My first excursion from Split was Klis, (if you have interest in knowing more about this day please let me know and I will write about it)

Another place I went and I really like it was Trogir. I also wrote a little bit about this trip here.

  • Krka


The easiest and cheapest way to go to Krka is from Split. That’s why I thought would be the perfect moment to visit this touristic spot.

There are two options:

-get a tour guide and going with a group

Is a closed price but the entrance not always is in the same one. So you are paying basically for the transport and the guide.

-going by your own

You don’t need to follow any plan and it is cheaper because you are just paying public transport and the entrance but if you are not going in the early morning a huge queue is waiting for you.

  • Zadar

The sound of its sea, the sunsets, the calm of the city…








  • Pag


Going from Zadar is maybe the best option. I stayed there just for a day trip to enjoy the contrast from the other islands.

Transport from Zadar to Pag: bus (getbybus) Price: 52kn




  • Plitvice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted to stay at least one night in Plitvice but I didn’t have a car and this is a must-have to stay there. Moreover, the prices were out of my budget. Therefore I just stayed one day but I would love to go back and visit this park again (one day isn’t enough, it’s enormous).

TIP: you must buy the entrance few days ago otherwise it will be sold out once you arrive in the entrance (high season).



  • Zagreb


My last stop in Croatia. The best moment to enjoy this city in august is in the evening around the old town.

Route through Croatia

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