Bol, not just about astonishing coves

I wasn’t planning to stop in Bol but every time I was sharing my travel plans to other wanderlust they were asking me why I wasn’t stopping there. Actually, I hadn’t been thinking about visiting Braç. 

So “Why not?” And the next day I was heading to Bol to make sure if it was worth it.

The first impression was clear: a tiny and beautiful place full of white houses and not very crowded (the village).

But this is not what impressed me the most: if you just type “Bol” in Google it talks, basically, about “Zlatni rat beach” and his amazing view. So I was very excited to visit this place of Braç island concretely. BUT…it was the most upsetting beach in Croatia. I am really sorry to say that but you all know I try to be frank in everything I write.

May I was too naive to believe it will be not a virgin beach but maybe not as exploit as it is now. Moreover, is all full of campings, hostels and bars and about the prices…there is no need to say anything else.

After this drama, I walk around the island and I really see astonishing beaches and a lot of coves perfect for taking a dip and feel what summer tastes like.

I don’t really understand why this island is just well known for Zlatni rat beach having all these other views…

Another aspect of Bol is the touristic train: is not expensive but it just goes through the coast and it doesn’t really show the most beautiful parts of the island.

What really surprised me the most is the promotion of fitness and sport. Apparently, this island is also popular for hosting tennis tournaments every year. But if you are more deep into art and festivals, no worries, there is also room for you in this small land.

Bol, although is the most ancient town in Braç, is also a modern and actual area to let your art grow, concretely, based in graffitis. If you like this topic here I link a webpage that talks a little bit more about a graffiti festival that takes place on this island called “Graffiti na Gradel“.

So, as you see, this island is not just about relaxing but experiencing sports, arts, and the most alternative side of Croatia islands.


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