Searching for new horizons

You know I love talking about my plannings, trips and experiences. But this time I’m gonna do something completely different from what you have been reading till now.

From this time and on, I would like to share some of the works I appreciate and help me to view another perspective on life and so travels.

So in the main menu, you will have another point titled “Library” and structured into two parts: one that is gonna be about guide and planners that I used out to do my own plannings. On the other hand, there’s gonna be another part. This one, on the contrary, is going to be more intimate talking about books that may talk about travelling experience but not necessarily will be part of this kind of genre.

So, maybe you will have some opinions about very well-known books and, at the same time, you will be able to read about books that it’s is possible are not as popular as the other ones.

What do you think about this new point of Giuliaintravel’s blog?

Have an amazing day and always keep in mind to do your best to get much better things.

Safe travels 🙂




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