Vaccines. To be or not to be?

In a few days, I’m traveling quite far from home: South-East Asia. So there is the possibility I get ill or infected (cross fingers!!). That’s why I think this topic is certainly important for those travelers who have been thinking about getting vaccinated because of the country and the consequences of illness and diseases.

The first thought will come up to most of you in your mind will be: is it really important or is it just a formality? What about the vaccines that are recommended but not compulsory? What about the prices? And how long it takes? There is any booster shot?

These are the most common questions so…let’s explain them one by one:

Before keep going, I must say I am not a doctor neither a nurse so this information is just according to my own experience. Moreover, I will talk about the procedure in Spain.

  • Importance: all preventions aren’t enough bearing in mind you are going far away from home and, for sure, you will not have the same facilities than in your place. So…it’s worth to suffer from vaccines better from having a hard time in there.
  • Recommended and compulsory: there isn’t any obligatory vaccine as all of them are highly recommended.
  • Prices: Here in Spain I spend 60 euros (approx.) for the injected ones. For the orals, I paid 8 euros in all. If you are in a mutual insurance company it works differently.
  • Time: minimum 40 days before the trip (approximately) but if you don’t like to go in a rush better 2 months ago. The reason is the booster shots. For example, rabies has 2 booster shots apart from the first injection.


All in all, I’m getting these vaccines:

  • Against Rabies: injected, 3 times.
  • Japanese Encephalitis: injected, 2 times.
  • Meningitis: injected, 1 time (this was quite painful).
  • Typhoid fever (Vivotif): oral, 3 times.
  • Cholera (Dukoral): oral, 2 times.


  • Malaria (Malarone): oral (during the trip just when you are sure you are suffering from it).


If you have any other question you can contact me and I will answer you but, once again, just according to my experience.

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